Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our Large 15 to 18 inch Dolls

Caroline Wynn Abbott

Caroline is my only American Girl doll and she is not from a American Girl's new Beforever line. I am planning on getting the beautiful Beforever Samantha doll soon.

Caroline is 11 years old, her fave animal are horses, and she loves dressing up, writing, talking, horse back riding, and fashion designing.

Elizabeth Marie Cole
Elizabeth is Nellie's only American Girl Doll, and Elizabeth's name is actually Rebecca Rubin. She is not a Beforever Rebecca, like Caroline.
Elizabeth is 11 years old, her fave animals are dogs and cats, and she loves her dog, Skye, hairstyling, dolls, and make-up.

Emma Mandaly and Becky Roberts

Emma is a Disney 15 inch Toddler Aurora doll and belongs to Nellie our dad got her from a thrift store, so she lost a leg. Becky is my Disney doll and she is a Toddler Rapunzel doll as well. She was given to me by my grandpa.

Emma is 9 years old and her fave animal is cats. Emma insisted I put her fave color here too so I will. Her fave color is purple, "which is the color of my outstanding eyes!!" (Quote from Emma) She loves selling things in her store, Emma's Place, and loves ice-cream, jewelry, and fashion.

Becky is 9 years old and absolutely LOVES bunnies!! She loves her mermaid believers club called Mermaid Hunters, ice-cream, jewelry, computers, her pet bunny Carrots, and hair brushes!!

Cindy Mandaly

Cindy is a 16 inch Disney Collector doll and belongs to Nellie. Cindy was given to Nellie by one of her friends. She has hair that will glow when she sings, but it never glows because she hates singing.

Cindy is 10 years old and loves hamsters, especially my hamster named Snowy. She likes hairstyling, playing dolls, bossing her younger sister Emma around, and loves hanging out chatting with her BFF, Addy.

Adriana (Addy) Mirette

I do not have a picture of her right now, but Addy was given to my sisters and I from our Grandparents and doll-lover cousin Jassy. We do not know what kind of doll she is because she was from a thrift store. I will update this post with her picture when I have the chance.

Addy is 10 years old and loves hamsters. (Like Cindy). She loves playing dolls, (like Cindy) bossing Emma and Becky around, (Like Cindy) and chatting with her BFF, Cindy.

Hope you liked getting to know our large dolls. We would like to know YOUR large dolls! Post their names in the comment box below!


Shout Out to a doll blog!!

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It's this fabulous AG doll blog with crafts, stories, and other stuff!

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Barbie Fashionista 1: Glam

Review of the Barbie Fashionista Mattel Glam. Nellie got her a long time ago on her birthday a long time ago. Glam broke one leg, broke two hands, and has super dirty skin. She was absolutely a loved doll. We still love playing with her and styling her hair. She has full articulation and beautiful hair. Here she is with finger curled hair.

Sitting in the doll hair styling chair.


I found this Glam Fashionista doll on Amazon for $29.25. So I'm thinking of ordering her so Glam can have a twin. We love Barbie Fashionistas because of their full articulation, silky easy to style hair, and beautiful complexion. (Lol)

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Winner of the Fun in the Sun Barbie doll giveaway!

Sorry everyone for not posting the winner! Really. I am SO sorry!!!  So the lucky winner of the doll giveaway is...........


Congrats NellieOMallieAG! Be sure to e-mail me at to claim your prize. If you do not reply in 3 days, I will have to pick a different winner.  Yay for you!


Friday, August 15, 2014

Lalaloopsy Kraze!

We found these two cute mini lalaloopsys at a department store near our house. Nellie and I bought one mini lalaloopsy each. I bought a mermaid named Coral, and Nellie bought a doctor named Rosy. They are so cute!! 

Oh and if you were wondering, I'm 12 years old, my older sister Lynn is 13, and Nellie is 9. 

The pictures below are pictures of our lalaloopsys. So cute! Check out the room tour. Here is the link to my YouTube channel abarbieplace: hptt://

Friday, August 8, 2014

Barbie Photo Contest Prizes

(See the contest post below this one)
The first place winner gets to choose what he/she wants, but we will choose the second place prizes.
First place: everything of your choice. One doll, one outfit, on pair of shoes.
Second place: nothing of your choice. (Sorry, we will choose for you) one outfit, two accessories, one pair of shoes.
Here are the prizes:
Accessories only for second place. We will choose them at the end of the contest.
Dolls (only for first place. Choose one doll)
Shoes for first and second place. 1 pair each.
Outfits (1 each.)
Lot: (everything)

Contest ends: Sepetember 15, 2014

Win a Barbie doll with clothes or accessories Giveaway!

Photo contest!
Hey Korean Doll Lovers! This is a big chance to win some fabulous Barbie Doll clothes and accessories! This is a contest for only in South Korea and two people will win. To the first place winner we will be giving away 1 barbie doll, outfit, and one pair of shoes of your choice, and to the second place winner, one outfit, one pair of shoes, and two cute accessories! I'll post photos of them as soon as I can! Remember to ask for your parents permission!

How to Enter:
Comment that you would like to enter the contest and what you would LOVE to win.
Take only 1 Fun in the Sun photo with your doll. It doesn't have to be a picture of your doll in the sun, be creative and do anything you'd like. (Photos must be original, not photoshopped or anything.) E-mail it to us at, writing 'My Summer Photo Contest' with your Name/pen name, age, contact e-mail, and house address.

And that's all to it!
This contest ends September 15, 2014. Good Luck to all of you!! :oD